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The first patented orodispersible film formulation containing riluzole


In the UK, riluzole remains the only approved disease-modifying drug for ALS.


1. Masrori P, Van Damme P. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: a clinical review. Eur J Neurol. 2020;27(10):1918–1929 2. Rilutek (riluzole 50mg tablets) Summary of Product Characteristics

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Steps for administration

Steps for administration

Before taking emylif.png

1. Before taking Emylif...

  • Ensure hands and clean and dry

  • Check expiration date and do not use if expired

Open sachet.png

2. Open sachet

  • Fold foil sachet along solid line at top

  • While keeping top of sachet folded over at solid line, tear down at the slit along the arrow on the side of the sachet

Remove film.png

3. Remove film

  • Remove Emylif film from foil sachet

  • Each sachet contains one dose of Emylif

  • Do not fold Emylif film

Place film.png

4. Place film on tongue 

  • Place Emylif film on top of the tongue

  • The film will stick to the tongue and begin to dissolve

5. Close mouth and swallow saliva

  • Close mouth and swallow saliva normally

  • Emylif dissolves within 3 minutes

  • Do not take Emylif with liquids and do not chew, spit or talk while Emylif dissolves

After administeration.png

6. Wash hands

  • After the administration of Emylif, wash your hands

Why use Emylif?

The formulation of riluzole may be adding to the burden of ALS for your patients and their carers.


Ease of administration

  • Administration of a Emylif dose only requires placing the film on the tongue (Emylif SmPC) and could prolong patient autonomy in taking the drug without the use of a carer, thus improving the autonomy and self-esteem of ALS patients

  • Emylif is suitable at all stages of ALS, which enables patients to maintain the same treatment throughout the course of the disease


Consistency and accuracy of dosing

  • The practice of crushing of tablets has been shown to result in drug losses (Thong et al, 2018) and has an unknown impact on efficacy

  • Emylif is placed on the tongue to dissolve, does not need to be crushed and does not require the use of a syringe to measure the dose for administration

Adherance and compliance to treatment

  • By improving ease of drug delivery, Emylif may improve adherence to riluzole treatment due to minimal preparation and administration time (patient and/or carer) compared to solution or crushed tablet administration

Benefits of Emylif


Emylif (riluzole). Summary of Product Characteristics

Thong MY, PLoS ONE 13(3): e0193683. journal.pone.0193683

Adverse event reporting


April 2023

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