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Emylif is indicated for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in adults.


Simplicity, precision and reassurance.
Behind every dose.

Now available in the UK for ALS patients

*Demonstration packs do not contain riluzole and are for marketing purposes only.

1. Emylif (riluzole). Summary of product characteristics.

A simple way for ALS patients to take riluzole

Emylif offers ALS patients and their carers the simplicity of convenient administration regardless of symptomatic burden (Emylif SmPC), reducing the likelihood of administration errors (Bennett et al, 2013; Kelly et al, 2011; Dyer et al, 2017; Royal Pharma Soc, 2022), and reassuring you that they will receive the full prescribed dose every time (Aquestive, 2022; Di Stefano et al, 2022).

Emylif is easy to administer regardless of patients’ capacity to swallow, and requires less assistance, helping patients retain independence (Emylif SmPC; Aquestive, 2022).

For simplicity...without the burden of challenging administration and preparation steps for patients or their carers (Teglutik SmPC; Data on file EN011, 2022; Onesti et al, 2017)

Emylif (4).png

For precision of dosing...without increasing the likelihood of administration errors (Bennett et al, 2013; Kelly et al, 2011; Dyer et al, 2017; Royal Pharma Soc, 2022)

Emylif oral film technology delivers the full prescribed dose every time (Aquestive, 2022; Di Stefano et al, 2022).

Emylif (4).png

For reassurance...without need to change or modify treatment formulation throughout disease progression (Dyer et al, 2017)

Emylif reduces the risk of aspiration, contamination and underdosing (Di Stefano et al, 2022;, 2022; Data on file CSR; Dyer et al, 2017) and offers treatment continuity of riluzole across ALS disease progression.


Emylif (riluzole). Summary of Product Characteristics

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April 2023

Adverse event reporting
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